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Diamond Cutter Book


In the presence of Geshe Michael Roach, this innovative idea was first presented by physicist Dr. Tobias Röwf in Berlin on Sep 17, 2017. The founder of The NoordZug Co. donated as a symbolic act the "The Diamond Cutter" book for a Berlin library in front of an enthusiastic international audience. The ambitious goal of this charitable diamonds into LIBRARIES by NoordZugTM project is the dissemination of the 2,500 years old wisdom from Tibet into all libraries of this world. Compare the excellent work of German Rüdiger Nehberg and his golden book project.

The supporters of this unique project are kindly asked to inquire mindfully in their local library whether or not the libraries want to receive a copy of this special bestselling book. Everybody can pass on this exciting idea to selected friends or acquaintances. Feel free to donate additional books which are derived from the diamond cutter principles. The Autor Geshe Michael Roach, who studied the Tibetan wisdom for over 25 years, reports in the Diamond Cutter book the story of a booming diamond dealer from New York. By using these timeless, universal and ethical principles of success, the enterprise which was founded in 1981 quickly rose to the largest diamond dealer around the world. Already in 1999, it had annual revenues of above USD 100 million. It was acquired by Warren Buffet in 2009 when it had turnovers of above USD 200 million.

Totally dedicated to the karmic principle and thankful to his Tibetan teachers, Geshe Michael Roach donated a large part of his former payments to help Tibetan refugees. For decades already, they have been able to digitize old scripts in Sanskrit and thus are able to have an income through their own work. The refugees have a health insurance - they are the lucky first ones. The results of that work are visible under Asian Classics Input Projects (ACIP). That project in turn lead to another project for refuguees called Threads of Wisdom. Members of that project are sewing book covers for ACIP in order to protect and cover Tibetan Books. An example, that forms a precedent.

Moreover, the Diamond Cutter book contains a list of questions & answers of 46 typical situations from the business world and its true causes. These principles are transferable to all areas of life like building personal relationships at home, cp. the book "The Karma of Love". In 2009, The Diamond Cutter Institute was founded by Geshe Michael Roach to promote the ancient peaceful principles from Tibet and to help this world become a better place, i.e. to find answers to our global needs and to encourage people to walk on the less traveled path. People from around the world of all ages and religions may use the deep insights that everything comes from a seed.

If the easy and pragmatic tools, like the four steps, are applied correctly then they will help to reveal the hidden deeper causes. They will help to understand why things really work. Personal training of the power of observation will take time & patience. For instance, a correct application of the coffee meditation shortly before going to bed is essential and necessary in order to achieve the desired goals. Everyone may critically test the mentioned correlations for him- oder herself. Whether or not they are working, everybody should find out for her- or himself. It might noticed here that the great works of Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking from Cambridge, UK took some time to be well understood, too.

Geshe Michael Roach who was on the world premiere of DCI-Level 9 "True Innovators: The Deeper Causes of Creativity" in Berlin was so impressed by this proposal that he donated a starting capital of USD 1,000 himself. Ula Byglewski, Fundraiser of the Diamond Wisdom in Poland Project was the second person who donated books. Elena from the Ukraine picked up the idea of sharing this idea electronically to her friends. We heard about the idea of donating a set of books to a school in Berlin for a whole class. We gained knowledge through an email from New York that books will be donated in Manhattan, too. Thank you all for your great commitment and for making it happen!

Please, help with a diamonds into LIBRARIES by NoordZugTM patronage today. Thanks and all the best to you!

Alternatively, think of a person who truely inspired you.

What about sending this person a copy of the diamond cutter as a little thank you?

Translations into other languages are heartily welcome under tobias.rowf(alpha) Thank you!

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